Cynical smiles pick me apart
Ripping little pieces of flesh
Until the only thing left
Is a broken-heart and muddled mind


“That Little Blip is You”

You got the best of me
The giggles, the happy dances, the major parties with my hair fixed
You got the big glowing eyes, the uncontrollable laughter, the heart that wasn’t battered
The tight dresses, the short skirts, the high heels
You got the optimism, the hope, the dreams
What you didn’t realize, was that you were only seeing part of me
What you didn’t see was what was underneath
I didn’t show you, because I didn’t trust you
You were my good time, but I’m over it now
I need something more serious, something more real
So I gave myself to him
And he gets everything you did
But he gets the tears, the pain, the broken-hearted delay when my soul falls out of place
The family problems, the heartbreak, the late nights without sleep
The sadness, the depression, the extremely bipolar attitudes
He gets the screaming, the fighting, the sobs late at night
He is my home, my life, and my light
I give him my soul, I bare it to him
So he see’s my brokenness, he see’s me from within
He sees all of me, he sees everything you wish you had
And unlike you, he wants me to be happy
He doesn’t just want to see my skin
So I give him everything
I give, my love, everything I have within me
He is my everything, he is my world
And you are just a sad memory
The person who used to make me feel so happy
I realized was the person
That was making me empty
And that was you
But now I’m full of honest hope and blue skies
Even if it’s hard, even if he and I fight
We will make it through
Because we were made for each other
And you are just a blip on a past radar


I rage like a fire
Turning blue
As your chemical love pours over me
In vain I cry tears of acid
You’ve poisoned my heart
Turning what was left of me into a mess
My blood boils with frustration
You have me chained to the wall
You’re afraid to lett me into the light
Because you know what you’ve done
I used to be so beautiful
But now
You’ve made my skin rot
Turned my eyes black
Left my heart bleeding
You poisoned me
Just so I would take you back

“What Was Love”

Glass gleams in my eyes
Building up until they burst
Cracked pink lips part
Choked until the lump in my throat explodes
Into a million little symphonies
Dancing with the light
Gleaming off the shards in my skin
My body has turned to glass
As my soul has turned to stone
And with your hand you burnt my outsides
Heating me up just a little too much
So as with the slightest touch
I was fractured
And anyone could break me
At any moment
And then they did
They saw my stone heart underneath
And broke it with a hammer
The thing they said was love

“A Piece of Me”

I slit my wrists
With the intent
Of making you see
What’s inside of me
I didn’t think
I would bleed
Like I was dying
I just wanted to give you
A piece of me
To prove
I really loved you
But I guess
In the end
I’ll end up alone
On a cold tile floor
Because I have no one
And you didn’t notice
When I called out your name
I didn’t realize
Everything about us
Was in vain

“Admit it”

This wasn’t how we were supposed to be
Empty words traded back and forth
As though they mean something
Like they’re more than just a way
For us to keep each other around
Why can’t you just admit you don’t love me
I guess it’s not really fair for me to ask
I can’t admit the same thing
We want to be perfect so bad
Our efforts are destroying us
Or at least the us we want to be

“Is This What it Feels Like”

The tears falling on my skin burn
Searing the weathered paleness
And I wonder if this is what life feels like
A stinging sensation crawling along my spine
Tingling my soul, until I feel somewhat whole
The pain in my chest feels like my ribs are cracking
Under the pressure of your stare
And I wonder if this is what love feels like
A crushing weight laying on top of my chest
Destroying my rib cage, until you puncture my heart
The anger in my heart fills up my throat
Choking the words from my lips
And I wonder if this is how relationships end
A tired suffocation of my feelings
From the betrayal of your words