“Cultural Divide”

Soooo, I found this prompt that tells you to write about yourself, from the perspective of someone else, and it actually kind of played along perfectly with the racism piece I just posted so I’m gonna follow up with this…I actually interviewed (in a way) a close friend, who gave me her point of view and really helped. So thank you, darling. ❤

You stare at me,
With your crystal blue eyes
And your fair skin
Acting like the victim
Because I said I don’t like what you’re saying
You act like I’m being ghetto
Like I’m too ratchet for it to matter
But you don’t seem to realize
That my skin color is not the reason
That I hate you
In fact, I don’t hate you,
But here we are,
Standing face to face,
And you’re calling bullshit
Because we aren’t the same race?
Yes, you’re small and white
And pretty and perfect,
But I know your life,
The same way you know mine
With a distant eye
And a fake smile
Truth is,
You never asked,
But neither did I
So maybe it’s both of our faults?
And I never said
That you and your friends
Were stealing all the black men,
But you have to understand,
When a girl like me,
Want’s to feel loved,
And she goes out,
No, not to a club,
And all she see’s are these little white girls
All over the black men,
What am I supposed to do,
Other than wonder,
Why’s he picking her over me?
Is it so they can feel superior?
Because a biracial couple,
Is stronger than one
Were both people are black?
Is that even a fair statement?
I know it sounds petty,
I know it sounds bland,
But you have to see it from my eyes
I’m not perfect,
You have to understand.
Just like you,
I have my flaws.
But you know there’s a difference
In being weird
And not understanding where you belong,
You see, for me?
It’s not easy,
I don’t get along with people the way you do
People look at me differently
And it isn’t fair
But I can’t fight it
Because I’m just black.
And I know you’re not racist,
But here’s the thing;
I can’t even go to your house
Without your grandparents giving me that look
Like they have to hide the expensive stuff
And lay out the Holy Books.
It makes you look in the mirror
And wonder why you’re even here
If people just think you’re a kid from the projects
They think we’re all the same
All ratchet little hoes staying out late
But I’m trying the same as you
To be a human
Not a victim
I just don’t know
How to fix this culture break
How do I make you see I’m not fake?
Stop saying I’m calling you a racist,
‘Cause you looking at me like that,
Little Ms. Innocent?
That look you’re giving me,
While you’re calling me a racist?
Makes you seem just a little biased
About who we really are.
I’m not racist,
And I don’t think you are
But maybe we should talk
So we can understand
Just a little bit more
About each other
And our cultural divide.


“I’m Not Racist”

I’m not trying to offend anyone, at all this poem came from this amazing song EVERYONE should listen to, open-mindedly, by Joyner Lucas called “I’m Not Racist”, it really shows the differences in races and politics. We are all the same on the inside, we’re all a united front when we fight together, we can be stronger if we stop looking at the divides in our culture and skin color. And there will most likely be a follow up poem to kind of embrace, not the other side of the story, but the understanding of racism. Anyway, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy. I love you all! ❤

I’m not enough,
Because I’m small and I’m white?
Isn’t that you being racist, against me?
But that doesn’t matter, right?
You just don’t like me,
Because I’m not black,
And I know it’s cliche,
But aren’t we all the same on the inside?
So what does it matter, if you’re black and I’m white?
And why can you call me names,
“Cracker”, “white trash”, and you’re not ashamed,
But the minute that word, the one that starts with an ‘n’
Is anywhere near my tongue,
You lose all your shit,
Like, me being white, is some sort of privilege,
And yeah, you’re right,
I don’t know what you’ve been through,
And no, my history isn’t the same as yours,
And I know you can’t just let it go,
But you can’t keep blaming me
When I had nothing to do with the white man screaming at your grandma
That wasn’t me, it wasn’t my generation, it wasn’t even my family
But you still call me racist
Pointing the finger at me,
Because a little white girl
Is taking all the black men,
Please, stop me if I’m wrong.
I haven’t done shit to you,
But you still find a way, to turn the story,
Make people mad at me
Because why?
You tell me you don’t have a dad,
A young black woman, raised without their father,
I’m sorry you went through that,
But you grew up a little better than me, didn’t you?
You don’t know,
Because you don’t ask,
But where’s your Mom?
In her house,
The two-story, white-picket fenced, beautiful house?
The one you grew up in.
Do you know where I grew up?
Or where my parents are?
My father’s in prison, just like yours,
And my Mom is oblivious,
To the fact that I exist,
And I grew up in a nice house,
I’m not saying my life was ghetto,
But it wasn’t like your life was all that hard.
I mean, you went to private school,
You went to college,
And yet here you are,
Hating on me
Because I’m privileged and I’m white.
I know you think I don’t get it,
The way people look at you,
And I don’t know how it feels,
But I know it makes it you feel different,
And it’s not fair,
But I don’t do that to you!
So why the hell are you making me out to be the racist one?
I’m the one standing up for you
When no one else will
I’m the one who stood by you
When everyone turned their backs
All because they were white
And you were black
I’m not trying to make you feel bad,
I’m just trying to make you understand,
You and I are more alike
Than you’d like to believe
And I’m sorry for all you go through
But you can’t keep blaming me
And I can’t keep looking at you
Just a little bit differently than everyone else
It’s not just you,
It’s me,
But we can’t keep blaming each other
I’m not racist,
And I don’t think you are
But lately you’ve been blaming me
And looking at me, just a little differently
Because I’m white
And it hurts
I thought the world was getting better
Yet here we are
Staring at each other
Thinking to ourselves
“This is bullshit,
I’m not a racist.”


Part four of “Drugs”

He calls her
Over and over again
Screaming her name into her inbox
Saying he loves her
Leaving texts
Ones he knows she doesn’t open
Tears falling down his face he searches for his keys
Heading to her house he cries
He’s dying inside
A fear drifting in his mind
That when he gets there
She won’t be alive
Running up her stairs
His heart is breaking

Her eyes are watering
Her phone finally died
And maybe that’s a sign
That she shouldn’t be here
Not without him
She’s aching,
Her heart is breaking
Falling apart
Because without him
She has no love
No purpose in life
She doesn’t see a point
Not to living
There’s not a point
To doing anything
But crying

He’s screaming
Pounding on her door
She’s got her music blaring
She can’t hear his voice
The way it cracks
Because he’s scared she’s not breathing
She’s gasping for air
Hanging on
Every word of the song
The one that they danced to so many times
She’s oblivious to the world out there
Her eyes are so full of tears
And then he’s there
Standing in front of her
Not a knight in shining armor
But her sobbing prince in a sweatshirt and shorts
And he’s on his knees
Pulling her off the floor
Into his lap
She doesn’t ask how he got in
Clinging to him like a second skin
She breathes him in
And it’s like it all makes sense
She curls into him saying,
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”
He’s coddling her, stroking her hair
When he tells her,
“It’ll be okay, baby.”
And then she cries some more,
Because he loves her
And she doesn’t know why she ever listened to them
The words they said that made her stop believing in him
She hates herself,
Because what she did to him was so unfair
And she doesn’t understand why he came back
Or why he cares,
But his tears are falling
Mingling with hers

“Her Voice”

Part three of “Drugs”

His phone kept ringing
But he couldn’t make himself look at the screen
He loved her,
And she walked away
His eyes were full of tears
He’d been laying in bed for days
Wondering what she was doing
Wondering if she missed him
Aching to hear her voice
She was the only thing that kept him going
And he had to ask himself,
“What am I without her?”
Because she was everything
And he was empty
Drowning in his own tears and pain
Thinking about grabbing the bottle of pills next to his bed frame
He knows she would scream at him
Call his name
Make him throw them all away
But she isn’t here
And all he can hear
Is the buzzing of his phone
Thrown across the floor
Because her face is lighting up the screen
And he can’t take it anymore
His begging her mentally
To come knocking on his door
When she doesn’t show up
He assumes she doesn’t know
That he’s falling apart
But he keeps ignoring his phone
He doesn’t know
That the buzzing on the floor
Is her nickname popping up
So she can tell him that she loves him
His eyes close slowly
Because what’s the point in life
If she’s not around
With her jokes that make him laugh so hard he can’t breathe
And her big blue eyes that shine every time he sings
But what can he do
If she isn’t there to help him?
Three a.m. rolls around and he’s finally awake again,
His phone is lit up,
Crawling out of bed he finally stares at the screen
Sixty-five missed calls
But only one voicemail
His heart breaks just a little bit more
Seeing her name on his screen
But her voice when he presses play,
Nearly makes him scream,
“I’m sorry”
Her voice is breaking,
Shattering his soul,
“I know you can’t forgive me, but I need you right now.
I know we never talked about it,
but I’m dying without you,
and I can’t breathe.
Baby, please,
I’m so sorry.”
And then he screams,
Nearly throwing his phone across the room,
But he’s dialing her number
And calling her name,
Begging her to pick up
Her voice is all he needs

“Without Him”

Part two of “Drugs”

He took her hand
Smiling he said
“It’s all gonna be okay”
She didn’t know
He didn’t mean, a thing he said
His smile was just a little more crooked
Than she believed
But she didn’t notice
Until it was too late to run away
Her eyes filled with tears
She was trapped
He took her hand again
With a crack in his voice
He said, “This can’t be the end?”
She nodded her head,
Pulling slowly away
But the truth was
She didn’t want to leave him
And now that she was no longer in his arms
The question hung in the air
“Who was she, without the person that kept her going?”
Her head was heavy
Living alone, with no one around
She couldn’t remember,
Why she thought, he didn’t mean anything he said
Why had she thought, he wasn’t real?
Falling to the floor,
Her head spins, confused by all the lies
Why did she believe them?
All those girls, the ones who said he wasn’t hers,
All her family members, who said he was a liar,
All her friends, the ones who said she was better than that?
Why did she believe them?
They had no proof,
She just held onto it,
Because she knew if that was the truth,
He couldn’t break her, and leave her lonely.
But she missed him so much
The way his smile left her aching for his touch
How his laugh could make her blue.
Tears slide down her cheeks,
She’s all alone, and no one’s there
The people who made her hate him
They left as soon as she said she was lost
He was the only one that understood
The only one that knew her pain.
But she can’t bring herself to say his name,
She keeps calling different people
Begging them to pick up
Just to talk
So she won’t feel so broken,
But no one’s there
And his number was calling her name,
Picking up her phone, she lets it ring and ring
Until the dial tone dances in her ear,
And the robot tells her that he isn’t there
So she leaves a message filled with despair
An apology first, “I’m sorry,”
Then her voice breaks, “I love you, I swear,”
And then she’s sobbing, anger filling the air
“I’m so sorry.”


Meeting him
To her?
It was a drug,
Because he filled her up
When nothing else would,
He made her feel something,
Like she was enough
And he liked her,
In a way no one else could
It made them invincible together.

Meeting her
To him?
It was a life changer,
Because she made him see things,
No one else could,
She showed him true love,
And gave him a reason to live
When nothing else would,
It made them invincible together.

They are each other’s drugs.


Teardrops sprinkle down cheeks
Like weathered confetti
Falling on New Years Eve
But no resolutions are made tonight
Too many memories are trapped on replay
Irritating scars,
Leaving her crumbling,
If life will ever be normal
And then he comes around
Wiping her tears from her eyes
Telling her, there’s more to life
Than heartbreakers and bad memories
She can’t believe him
When everyone else has lied,
So she tells him,
Expecting the same outcome,
But he doesn’t walk away
He softly places a kiss
On her forehead
And he tells her it will be okay
And confetti starts falling
Like raindrops in May